A SongLab is a workshop designed to help equip and inspire you to write and steward the songs

the Lord has placed inside your heart. During the SongLab workshop we give the "why" behind the

command to “sing a new song to the Lord”, practical training to build out and finish songs, as well

as navigating co-writing with a culture of honor. Our heart is to help inspire a healthy culture

of celebration instead of competition. Then finally, we write, share, and record the songs!

Meredith began these writer-intensive workshops back in 2013 with the worship

leaders of UPPERROOM Dallas. She now serves worship leaders nationwide to equip

them to write the songs coming from their hearts and their church communities.



mere Yeshua Our God Reigns sreenshot 2.JPG

It all started about 8 years ago with a desire to

have someone come alongside me to help me

grow as a songwriter and worship leader...